playtime in spring




Our spring shoot was set in the countryside behind the small town of Neckargemünd that is not so far from Heidelberg. What was so fascinating was how the change of sunlight would affect the colour of the grass in just split seconds: bright yellow/green back to a darker green shade.

These two lovely mums are also fellow bloggers that I have met over cyberspace, and then I was fortunate enough to bring them alive in my pictures. These two little princesses (both aged 4) learnt the art of blowing bubbles for the camera, while at one point having to turn around so that they wouldn't get an eye full of bubbles. Miss A had the upper gum advantage of being able to blow more bubbles—with her two front teeth missing,as she was able to make more room for that air! After we had finished eating and it was time to pack-up and go home, Miss L pikes up with, "I don't want the party to finish!"

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Silvia & Thomas



It was one of those summer days where the sun would hide behind the clouds, and then hi! I’m back out again type of a day. Silvia and Thomas’s wedding started at the Heidelberg registry office that is situated in the mainstream of this romantic city: lined with restaurants, cafés and a lot of tourist. The latter was a small challenge, as we had to be persistent with one Chinese tourist by pleading with him to stop taking pictures of the newlyweds— “But I come from China, and I want a picture to show my wife,” was his argument. We then moved up to the Heidelberg castle, where Thomas had proposed to Silvia one year earlier. The reception was then held at the Hoher Darsberg that is peacefully nestled up on a country hill; it was here that we made a few afternoon portraits of the pair within the surroundings of this classy and natural setting.   Have a great marriage you two!  

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Janna & Toni


We couldn't have wished for anything more on this winter's day, then to come across this freshly laid snow for our photosession.  Backdroped by a cute little hut, tall pine trees and elevated at nearly 1,000 meters in the Northern Black Forest; it was no wonder that Janna & Toni went a little dotty with their play!

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I'm nearly 1!

Hi, I'm only two weeks off from turning 1! We had to cancel our first photo session due to a large, blue bump on my forehead, because I fell and hit my head on the stall. I can actually stand on my own now! On this particular day of our photo session, it was so dark and miserable outside. Instead of canceling again due to the lack of natural light; Julie made a makeshift studio and placed me next to her large window and set-up one of those big flashes for a little fill-in light. I felt rather special!

Julie had to be really patient, because all I wanted to do was to take off this silly cow hat, but the adults thought it was cute! I also kept crawling away and laughing, as I knew I was suppose to stay in one area. There was a cat in the apartment, but she was hiding under the sofa all the time I was visiting. I think I was too active...I must have been, because my mummy was exhausted when we arrived home!

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22 January, 2012


Little Helene was 12 days old on this day when she posed in front of my camera. Our session was to be scheduled in the LightGiants studio for a family portrait, but due to an illness we decided to resort to the family's living room and we made a makeshift studio. We had little sunlight as a result of our dark, stormy day.

 Helene's mum had a particular pose in mind due to dad being at home at the time, so I popped up my favourite piece of black velvet as a background. Patience is a virtue when doing a baby shoot, by the means of mopping up a little wet accident—poor daddy's arm!

...Helene's photo session

Sarah & Michael

15 January, 2012


It was only a matter of days before our photography shoot with Sarah & Michael, that I received an email from the bridal pair asking about my availability. We promptly pencilled in our 90-minute portrait session without any expectations to meet and chat.  The date was set, the location was set. It was just a matter of charging my camera batteries, packing the camera gear and then I was off on my merry way! It was rather enjoyable not knowing anything about the couple’s appearance before we met in the car park of Rastatt’s Palace Favourite; this had allowed me to work spontaneously.  With a little bit of drizzle in the air— Up popped the brolly —Up popped the sun like a typical Indian summer’s day!


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macaron love

26 December, 2011


Being a fan of macarons, I couldn't resist giving myself a chrissy present with this picture printed cushion. I first spotted these bold coloured cushions through the window of a boutique homeware shop in Strasbourg, France.  "Bonjour mon Coussin" is a French company whose designers hail from the Bordeaux region. They produce some fun and graphic looking goodies: cooking aprons, carry bags, make-up bags and jewlery are included in their range. My big canvas cushion sits ever so boldly on the bedsofa in my home office; here it screams out sugar and delicious!  

How about you, did you get something nice from Santa this year?



This "macarons" image  is part of our "food in still-life" exhibition that is currently being held at Culinarium restuarant and gourmet shop (plus they have a lovely variety of kitchen and cookbook products) in Ettlingen, Germany. Our pictures will be on display until the end of winter. All images are printed direct on quality gallery acrylic glass in both glossy and matt finishes, and they are ready to mount on a wall.

Unfortunately, I had no time left to bake my own macarons before the exhibition started, but found these colourful ones in a quaint little pâtisserie in Wissembourg; a French town just across the border from where we live in Germany. This is where the macaron photography theme came to mind. 

A post with the exhibition pictures will be coming soon, so please pop back to this site or join us on our Facebook page to take a peep!  

Do you have a favourite recipe for Macarons? If so, we would love you to leave us the link and details! 

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my photography exhibition invite!


Enter our poll questionaire  on our Facebook page, for the chance to win a packet of 25 greeting cards. These cards will feature our exhibition images!  

For those of you that may not read German, I am holding a photography exhibition next Saturday that will feature food in its still-life form. You are also cordially invited!  The opening is going to be an afternoon event for friends and customers of Culinarium (Restaurant and Gourmet shop). During the afternoon we will be handing out a Prosecco or a hot chocolate along with some tasty nibblies. For those who may feel a little more peckish; a speciality of fresh housemade keishes, plus seasonal dishes can be ordered from the restaurant's menu. There will be lots of beaut things to see during this afternoon with Culinarium's gourmet product range and Christmas gift ideas.  At 6pm, Culinarium will keep their doors open for the evening in conjunction with Blumen Beetz (a neighbouring speciality florist shop) for a further exhibition of beautiful, festive floral arrangements.    After the exhibition opening, I shall give you a little peep of the pictures that are on display.    We shall look forward to seeing you on the 19th if you are living near-by!


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