my photography exhibition invite!


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For those of you that may not read German, I am holding a photography exhibition next Saturday that will feature food in its still-life form. You are also cordially invited!  The opening is going to be an afternoon event for friends and customers of Culinarium (Restaurant and Gourmet shop). During the afternoon we will be handing out a Prosecco or a hot chocolate along with some tasty nibblies. For those who may feel a little more peckish; a speciality of fresh housemade keishes, plus seasonal dishes can be ordered from the restaurant's menu. There will be lots of beaut things to see during this afternoon with Culinarium's gourmet product range and Christmas gift ideas.  At 6pm, Culinarium will keep their doors open for the evening in conjunction with Blumen Beetz (a neighbouring speciality florist shop) for a further exhibition of beautiful, festive floral arrangements.    After the exhibition opening, I shall give you a little peep of the pictures that are on display.    We shall look forward to seeing you on the 19th if you are living near-by!


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mixed mushrooms & rice



Each saturday, a mushroom farmer arrives at our local market with his smorgesboard of varied mushrooms. This asian rice dish is a combination of: shiitake, chanterelle, porcini, pontabello and enokitkate.   


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the long lunch


A long and relaxed afternoon of feasting with friends, while our host prepares a late summer fare. Here, Uli shares with you his impressive four course menu:

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