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26 December, 2011


Being a fan of macarons, I couldn't resist giving myself a chrissy present with this picture printed cushion. I first spotted these bold coloured cushions through the window of a boutique homeware shop in Strasbourg, France.  "Bonjour mon Coussin" is a French company whose designers hail from the Bordeaux region. They produce some fun and graphic looking goodies: cooking aprons, carry bags, make-up bags and jewlery are included in their range. My big canvas cushion sits ever so boldly on the bedsofa in my home office; here it screams out sugar and delicious!  

How about you, did you get something nice from Santa this year?



This "macarons" image  is part of our "food in still-life" exhibition that is currently being held at Culinarium restuarant and gourmet shop (plus they have a lovely variety of kitchen and cookbook products) in Ettlingen, Germany. Our pictures will be on display until the end of winter. All images are printed direct on quality gallery acrylic glass in both glossy and matt finishes, and they are ready to mount on a wall.

Unfortunately, I had no time left to bake my own macarons before the exhibition started, but found these colourful ones in a quaint little pâtisserie in Wissembourg; a French town just across the border from where we live in Germany. This is where the macaron photography theme came to mind. 

A post with the exhibition pictures will be coming soon, so please pop back to this site or join us on our Facebook page to take a peep!  

Do you have a favourite recipe for Macarons? If so, we would love you to leave us the link and details! 

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meringue kisses

26 December, 2011



Wishing you a happy holiday period..bake,eat and be merry!

Today is a short post giving you the recipe for these little melt in mouth treats,combined with a little kitchy styling.   What did you bake and eat these past couple of days? 

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 22 December, 2011


Bûche de Noël is a Christmas sponge cake that has the appearance of the hard Yule log.  As part of a French tradition, this long log is burnt during the festive season.
During an advent weekend in Paris, we were able to view the artistry of these Bûche de Noël that sat impeccably on the shelves of Parisian cake shops. Here I have made my chocolate version of the Yule log with an inner lining of Marron cream (adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe). You will need a little time to prepare the soft sponge and a little patience with the rolling, but don't worry if you crack the sponge a little as this can resemble the log.

Today's recipe is accompanied by a few images that were taken around Paris.   Joyeux Noël!

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