Sarah & Michael

15 January, 2012


It was only a matter of days before our photography shoot with Sarah & Michael, that I received an email from the bridal pair asking about my availability. We promptly pencilled in our 90-minute portrait session without any expectations to meet and chat.  The date was set, the location was set. It was just a matter of charging my camera batteries, packing the camera gear and then I was off on my merry way! It was rather enjoyable not knowing anything about the couple’s appearance before we met in the car park of Rastatt’s Palace Favourite; this had allowed me to work spontaneously.  With a little bit of drizzle in the air— Up popped the brolly —Up popped the sun like a typical Indian summer’s day!


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applesauce biscuits

2 January, 2012


Do you sometimes find a jar of opened applesauce in your fridge, then don't know what to do with the left overs? Here's a sweet little treat to make with the remainder. Not only is the sauce commonly consumed with roast pork; in Germany, we use the applesauce (Apfelmus) to serve on top of potato pancakes (Kartoffelpuffer).   If you don't fancy peeling and stewing the apples yourself, then keep a jar handy in the cupboard to make these simple applesauce biscuits.



Applesauce is made by stewing acidic apples such as Bramley apples with water or fresh apple juice to the desired purée. Spices and lemon juice can be added for flavouring. The sauce is a handy condiment to have on hand during the winter period, as it preserves extremely well!


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rösti with salsa

31 December, 2011 


The Swiss Rösti served as a small canapé at a New Year's party, would also be an good alternative to this entrée portion that I have made for two. Using floury potatoes is the key in keeping the Rösti looking fluffy and golden and with the homemade salsa; this gives the Rösti a festive look. Here in Germany, fish is quite common to serve at New Year, so here I have accompanied the Rösti with strips of smoked trout and added a little sardine to the salsa sauce.  Enjoy your New Year celebrations and Happy New year. I will look forward to reading your posts in 2012!


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