Janna & Toni


We couldn't have wished for anything more on this winter's day, then to come across this freshly laid snow for our photosession.  Backdroped by a cute little hut, tall pine trees and elevated at nearly 1,000 meters in the Northern Black Forest; it was no wonder that Janna & Toni went a little dotty with their play!

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food in still-life



Where does the year go? This coming weekend would be a year  since we held my photography exhibition "Food in still-life" at the delightful Culinarium restaurant and gourmet shop owned by friend Daniela Schwendemann. The vernissage was held on a cool autumn afternoon and spent with friends and customers alike; chatting eagerly with a glass of Prosecco or a mug of hot chocolate in hand. Each autumn impression were printed directly behind quality, acrylic glass in either a glossy or matt finish, uniformly mounted against the wall to give a 3D and elegant impression.

Prior to the opening, I had spent several Saturday mornings all "bright eyed and bushy tail" perusing each aisle of our local Gutenberg Platz food market. A visit to Peter's Pilz would not prove to be a let down. With the help of the vendor, we would carefully select unblemished Flamingo mushrooms who would then become my model on that same afternoon—by the end of the weekend, the mushrooms were thrown into the fry pan with a variety of the mushrooms then served with rice Asian style!

 To view the image gallery of the exhibition, please open the link below.

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the cooking ape

The Cooking Ape in Frankfurt am Main had been plucked from the search engine particularly because of its name! This was Silke's initiative for finding our group of fifteen photo snappers a table in this chill-out loft style room. Our meeting spot has turned into a new experience of eating out - as The Cooking Ape's subtitle suggests: Manufaktur der Esskultur (The manufacture of eating culture). A catering distribution, deli and eating area has been transformed under the one roof.

This family run business firmly believes that their innovative approach to food fare, is owed to the inspiration of their meshed family cultures: German, Jewish and Portuguese. Besides this, they like to be thorough in what they do to ensure the best quality of their produce. This is being achieved by the pastas, sauces, pastries and ice creams all being made in-house; through their persistence of blending all ingredients of choice.

Through their open style Kitchen, chefs are preparing antipasti variations. Homemade pasta is being topped with prawns, tomato pesto and brandy. A hearty pumpkin and ginger soup is steaming, and deer meat is being served on a plate with red cabbage noodles; all are an array of seasonal autumn dishes.



Juan demonstrates how to use their state-of-the-art cold griddle by mixing goodies into self-prepared ice creams and sorbets. I've let Juan surprise me with a 'Basil Sour' by whipping together two scoops of lemon sorbet, balsamic and topped with fresh basil like the actions of a Teppanyaki chef, then places the mixture into a bright coloured container that is has been made with corn. Along with its colourful spoon, I feel like I've won a prize from a funfair, but only without the additives!  



Happy with our refueled stomachs both Frankfurt and Karlsruhe Flickr groups have ventured out to greet the city of Frankfurt am Main.

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